Who Am I Anyway?

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Why Am I Here?

Certified Minister, Bobbett Bettencourt

Who Am I Anyway?
Who Am I Anyway? Why Am I Here? is one woman’s compelling story of hope and redemption, and most important of all, forgiveness of self and of others.

In Who Am I Anyway? Why Am I Here? Bobbett chronicles a painful past: growing up on a dairy farm with five siblings, an angry father and frustrated mother, life was not easy; her first encounter with drugs as a freshman; meeting the love of her life, Marlin, at the end of eighth grade; pregnant at 16 and remorsefully having an abortion; Marlin and Bobbett marrying at age 21 and pregnant three months later; and on-going marital crisis and countless complications. Through it all, she fought a drug dependency of cocaine and a crank, and prayed to God about the meaning of her life.

Bobbett came to the end of herself; as difficult as things were, she didn’t want to lose her husband and her two sons. Bobbett made the choice to become clean. She was healed and set free by the love of God and a personal encounter with Christ.

“At first, I wrote my story just for me, in hopes that somehow through writing it, I would find healing in my heart and soul. It wasn’t intended to be published, but God kept tugging at my heart to share it with the world,” says Bobbett. “My life on the dairy had molded an innocent child into a hard-working, frightened, and confused but giving person. The more I gave, the more I thought someone might notice me. So many frightened children grow up in an unstable, unloving world. My message is to change this somehow.”

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