Recent Interviews

Bobbett Bettencourt was recently interviewed on CBN. Watch the clip below:
After the segment aired 290 people called into the 700 club to receive Jesus Christ due to my testimony. Praise God!

Bobbett Bettencourt was recently interviewed on The Harvest Show – watch the interview here

Babbie Mason talked with Bobbett about Who am I Anywaywatch their conversation here

The Christian Televison Network welcomed Bobbett for a testimonial style interview: watch here

Atlanta Live took phone calls and chatted with Bobbett – Watch now

Talking Points

  • Addictions: what causes them and how to break free from them, even a lifelong battle.
  • Healing past hurts and wounds.
  • Discovering your true value (who you are and why you’re here) even when life makes little sense.
  • The power of forgiveness: how to forgive yourself and others who hurt you when the stakes are high.
  • The magnitude of providing a stable, loving world for a child.
  • Loving and being loved: giving unconditional love towards others, even when they are unloving, and allowing people to see you and know you for who you really are.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Bobbett, why did you write, Who Am I Anyway? Why Am I Here?
  2. What was your childhood like?
  3. A lot of homes today have two working parents or a single parent working two jobs. What would you say to those parents regarding meeting their child’s heart-felt needs?
  4. What was the cause of your drug addiction?
  5. How did you learn to stay sober after a fifteen year addiction?
  6. When did you start praying to God and asking Him for answers?
  7. What did God show you, in terms of who you are and why you are here?
  8. How can a person find God’s plan for their life?
  9. What if a viewer today is in pain, not necessary from a drug addiction maybe it’s another struggle, what advice would you give them?
  10. What is the first step a person should take to begin the healing process in their life?