Divine Appointments

          Who Am I Anyway? Why Am I Here?

          So I’m sitting at the airport in Tampa, Florida after spending a wonderful week doing television engagements on the Herman & Sharron Show, Atlanta Live-Watc 57 and Babbie’s House sharing my new book, Who Am I Anyway? Why Am I Here? and the message that the Lord has set upon my heart: to be obedient and to spread the message of hope and healing in the name of Jesus Christ.

          As I settled in, I hear behind me two women who had just arrived and sat down. They were giving praise and glory to our Father in heaven for all the awesome things that He has given to them. I listened to their conversation (forgive me Father) for about ten minutes as I played solitaire on my ipad.  The Lord quickened my heart to turn around and tell these two sisters in the Lord, how thankful I was for them, for worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ that early Sunday morning. I continued telling them how refreshing it was to hear someone speak so boldly about our Lord in an airport. It was a first for me and I was totally caught up in the moment.

          We introduced ourselves to each other and sat there that Sunday morning having our own church. It was delightful. They asked me what I was doing in Florida so far from my California home. I explained to them what the Lord had called me to do. They were both full of joy as they told me they were both ministers of the Word, and that our meeting was not an accident but a divine appointment from the Lord. We exchanged information and told each other we would be in touch.

          Last week my new friend messaged me on Facebook and asked me if I would be interested in being the guest speaker at their Annual Christmas Dinner put on by the ladies of  The Church of the Holy Spirit in Osprey, Florida.

          God does work in mysterious ways. I love it!  Looking forward to December 8th, 2012!

          So honored to be asked to speak on the hope and healing of Our Lord Jesus Christ and doing a book signing all in His precious name!

          Bobbett Bettencourt