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Growing up on a dairy farm in a very large family, there wasn’t much time for love and nurturing, only work. As the middle child, Bobbett was lost in the shuffle of it all. She struggled to understand the life that God had given her. Life didn’t make much sense, and so the questions came.

In that struggle, Bobbett found comfort in the form of a drug. But her comfort would soon become her enemy. She struggled with an addiction for fifteen years, hiding it the best she could, until one day she broke and found herself in rehab.
Now on a course to find her true self, God would bring her on a journey of hope and miracles. Who Am I Anyway? Why Am I Here? is the story of that journey. But this isn’t just about Bobbett’s journey. It’s about your journey too. God had a plan for Bobbett and He has a plan for you.
"Healing, hope, and divine destiny is what this book is all about. The Testimony is a Holy thing and it helps to set others free. The Bible says that we overcome the enemy by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony. Bobbett has used her life story to show the love of the Father and how allowing Him in her life set her on a new course and ultimately gave her the desires of her heart!! I recommend this book to anyone who is searching to know who they really are."

Rev. Ed and Cheryl Henderson,
New Life Network
"What a journey and thank-you Bobbett for allowing your readers the opportunity to get to know you and experience your Faith in God! As your Pastor I was so caught up in reading, Who am I Anyway? I could not put it down. I finished your book in one day! Thank you for your open heart, and sharing your life to help Heal others. I recommend this book to anyone searching for the truth. I believe you will find what you’re looking for in Bobbett‘s heartfelt and compelling story of true obedience to God's message!"

Ralph Etharidge
Calvary Assembly of God
"Who hasn’t asked, 'Why am I here?' 'Who am I really supposed to be?' That’s why I enthusiastically endorse Bobbett Bettencourt and her new book. It’s not only a story of trials and triumph, but it leaves you full of hope in a God who will never give up on you. I not only recommend this book, I also highly encourage you to share it with anyone who needs hope and a miracle. You will love her story!"

John Mason
Author of "An Enemy Called Average"